Compulsive Gambler – How To Spot This Kind?

compulsive gambler is a person who can’t stop gambling no matter what happens to him or people around him connected through family or as a friend. เว็บแทงบอล

The ways in which you can spot a compulsive gambler in a crowd are many:

Walks talks and also breathes gambling: A compulsive gambler will never think of anything apart from gambling, on how, what or where he can gamble and on what he can gamble on. He will talk to anyone he knows or doesn’t know about the next gamble he can take or both of them can take.

He always wants more, the mantra is bigger and better, the higher the stakes the happier the compulsive gambler would be.

A compulsive gambler cannot stop no matter what, he has to gamble one way or another, he tends to be moody and dissatisfied when can’t indulge in the gambling urge. He sees it as a way to get away from his troubles.

A compulsive gambler is also a compulsive liar, he cannot bring himself to say the truth no matter what as he fears it might put an obstacle in his gambling habits. Such a person will constantly lie to any one he comes in contact with to satisfy his urge to gamble and also to maybe identify a way to make some money out of that person so he can use that to gamble some more.

Money is another thing he can’t do without. He is constantly trying to scheme his way into more money for him to gamble. He would even find illegal ways to make a fast buck to satisfy his urge to gamble.

This also makes him vulnerable to self destruction as he will not be bothered about anything else other than the next chance to gamble and earn a quick fortune. A compulsive gambler will put everything at stake to gamble, his love, family, friends, people he knows, he won’t stop at anything and can’t be stopped by anyone.

A compulsive gambler will also have no sense of time in general and will easily lose track of time, thus resulting in him squandering away any opportunity to make a better life.

Also the most unsettling thing is his lack of self control, a gambler will always only think of a way to gamble in some form or the other rather than anything else in his life.

The gist of the article is that no one can prevent some one from becoming a compulsive gambler but the signs above if seen in some one you know can catch the situation early and prevent some one into degenerating into a full blown addict.


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