How to Identify and Locate a Cyber Bully With a Reverse Email Search

Are you the target of a Cyber Bully? A recent survey conducted by Edith Cowan University reveals that up to 10 per cent of children say they have been subjected to cyber-bullying over the Internet or on mobile phones.

In the US, 50 per cent of young people were being cyber-bullied and about 30 per cent reported they cyber-bullied others.

In the United Kingdom and Canada, the statistics were 25 per cent.

One reason why there is such a startling rise in this phenomena is that most people still think they are anonymous and untraceable on the Internet. The same study indicates that the Cyber-bullying was often anonymous, with 50 per cent of victims not knowing who was bullying them

The cyber stalkers think they are untouchable and most of their victims also mistakenly believe it’s impossible to locate and identify the person hiding behind an anonymous email account or Myspace page. But it’s not. Not anymore.

Today there are private investigators that specialize in Internet email tracing and cyber bullying identifications. These investigators can track down , locate and identify the cyber bully. Then by documenting their investigation and their results they can create a report that can be used in court to prosecute the cyber bully that has crossed over the legal lines.

You can find an investigator to help you unmask your cyber bully by Googling “reverse email trace”. Be sure the investigator you choose is considered an expert in the science.

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