Meet Girls in College – Advice on How to Talk to the Girl You Really Want

Let me tell you, when you meet a girl in college it can be a pretty fun experience. Since there are so many different women, there are huge amounts of chances to pick up dates. Yea you go to college for your education but lets be honest, it is mostly know for partying and hooking up.

As you would have probably guessed, most men try to get and many girls as they can before they go out into the corporate world. With all the events that are happening in nearly all of the college campuses, it bring a huge opportunity to meet someone who you may be interested in.

The feeling of anxiousness may hit you before you go up and talk to a girl and that’s fine, but you have to first learn to relax and don’t it let it take the best of you. Here are some tips that you should follow that I am sure will help you out with your experience with college romance.

Always try Sober living near you and date someone who you may be taking a class with. It’s obvious that you may have some of the same interest and thus you have an immediate topic for discussion.

Always remember college parties are just that, parties! If you meet a girl there, don’t fall in love too quick. Most girls personalities are not real when they are drunk, so you have to see how they are once they sober up.

Always remember that there will be stress. Why? Because you are in school, one of the hardest things to finish. It is almost impossible not to argue in this stressful scenery.

Always try to check out different campuses. Just because there are a lot of girls where you are doesn’t mean there aren’t anywhere else. There are thousands all around you!

Always be careful when trying to be a pimp. I have seen this many times. A guy tried to date 2 girls on the same campus, it can get pretty embarrassing.

Never get involved with an annoying girl who is crying for attention. You have enough stress with school, don’t add her to the list.

Never date your professor no matter how hot she may be. Do you want to get her fired for that? I don’t think so, what you do after graduation is your business though.

Never date someone who is in the same dorm or living facility. By doing this, you are going to make your business, everyone else’s also. Things can get ugly…fast.

Just start following some of these do’s and dont’s and I am sure you will find meeting girls in college a pretty cool experience.

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