Star Wars Bedding

You are either a) a parent being pestered by a child who wants their very own star wars bed, or b) the guy I’ve seen dressed up as Darth Vader once a year outside the convention center… who now wants their very own star wars bed. Either way, this article aims to help you find the best star wars bed sheets to accomplish your goal. So, what should you look for? Where can you find it? And how much should you expect to pay? We’ll try to properly address each of those issues, so keep reading.

First off, and we’ve addressed this in other posts, one of the main components you should look at when you’re making any kind of bed linen purchase is the thread count of the sheets. If you are a parent shopping for sheets, this isn’t a huge concern, but it should be noted. After all, kids can be rough on things, and the longer a purchase lasts, the better. We’ve suggested before that you opt for sheets that have thread counts in the 400 range. More is better, of course, but don’t be afraid of undercutting what do paul revere, j. edgar hoover and betsy ross all have in common? this number a little bit as it won’t make a huge difference.

Of course, the real reason anyone buys sheets like this is the design. The thread count won’t matter a whole lot if you don’t find a design cool enough to satisfy the sleeper. An important trick to employ when shopping for sheets is to pull out a section of the fabric from the packaging big enough to give you a good idea of what the pattern will look like on a bed. Most people are afraid of doing this, just because these products tend to be so perfectly packaged. I promise though, they can be re-packaged in the store, and store owners would much rather have you find that a pattern doesn’t quite meet your expectations in the store than after you have taken them home and slept on them for a couple of weeks.

Of course, buying online doesn’t really give you quite the same opportunity to feel the quality and see what the design and colors look like in real life. If you want to check out a really nice star wars bedding set in a store, I’d recommend Pottery Barn, which always has nice stuff.

Now, what isn’t really addressed in this article, is where to get a set of star wars bedding in a size bigger than twin. We don’t all sleep by ourselves in narrow, kids beds. And I recognize that there is demand out there for sheets like these in a larger size. Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with where one might find them. So, anyone with knowledge that they’d like to share is more than welcome to throw a link or two in the comments below.

Getting back to star wars bedding for kids, as you might imagine, prices vary quite a bit. The range is generally anywhere from around the $50 mark, to well over $100. If you buy from a place like Pottery Barn, expect to pay a bit more, though you’ll be getting nicer sheets. And just like anything else you buy for your children, you’ll have to gauge how much you want to spend by how long things tend to last in hands of your particular kid. Sheets are a great example. Is your son or daughter potty trained? I’m no expert, but the answer to this question should probably have a pretty significant impact on how much money you intend on spending.


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