The Dark Knight – Ten of Batman’s Most Important Stories in Comics

Batman is back, and he’s bigger and better than ever. The new series of films featuring the caped crusader himself has seen countless new fans flock to his adventures in print, but with the world of comics being such a daunting prospect to a newcomer, it is easy to get stuck on what to read first. There are many decades worth of Batman reading to be enjoyed, but what are the moist important JOKER123 stories? What has had a lasting impact on the character and his mythos outside of the medium of the big screen? Here we take a look at ten essential titles in the Batman pantheon


Widely considered to be the finest Batman story ever created, The Killing Joke was written by comics legend Alan Moore and featured art from Brian Bolland. Offering a possible origin for the character of the Joker, it is highly regarded as pone of the finest graphic novels ever published, and also was the basis for some of the storyline in The Dark Knight.


This notorious three volume tale tells the story of Batman’s protégé, Azrael, taking over the mantle of Batman when Bruce Wayne’s back is broken by the murderous Bane. Azrael, as a new batman, goes too far and ends up insane, leaving it up to Bruce to work himself back to health and face him down in a clash of the batmen. A classic.


A very strong mystery story involving the enigmatic killer Hush, this two-book story was one of the biggest hits in recent years for DC comics. Hush is intent on Sabotaging Batman’s reputation. A thrilling story, told with style.


A classic of 1980s Batman, and one of the Milestones in modern comics history. The Joker succeeds in killing Robin, who dies in Batman’s arms, and thus the chase is on for vengeance. But will batman actually take the Joker’s life?


An extremely disturbing piece of graphic literature, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth was written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by the renowned Dave McKean. Telling the stories of the inmates of the titular asylum as they take the place over and stage a siege, it has been a strong seller ever since its release in 1989.

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